Château Les Rosiers (red)

Haute Valeur environnementale


Located in the heart of the village of Soussac, on some of Gironde’s highest hillsides, Château Les Rosiers has been in the Jolivet family for 4 generations.

Meticulous work and responsible farming have made it possible to keep on respecting traditions and protecting the environment, by means of grassing, organic soil enriching, green harvesting, and so on.

The wine shows a beautiful ruby-purple color, a bouquet of red fruits and acacia, with a slight mentholated touch and nice roundness on the palate.

2020 VINTAGE : Silver Lyon 2022
2019 VINTAGE : Silver Lyon 2021


Clay and limestone


30 hectares
Grape varieties
60 % Merlot
20 % Cabernet Sauvignon
20 % Cabernet Franc
Operating temperature: 17 / 18 °C
Decant 1 to 2 hours before serving
The wine is not treated, deposit is natural
Terrines, roasted red meats, grilled white meats, dry cheeses
Yield : Approximately 50 hl / ha depending on the year
Average age of the vines : 22 years
Land-parcel monitoring with maturity control twice a week
Sorting grapes on the vine
Traditional vinification in thermo-regulated vats
Bottling under vacuum at the property