Cuvée 116

Haute Valeur environnementale, Sans Sulfites ajoutés

Haut-Médoc AOC – Bordeaux – France

Sulfur dioxide has been used in oenology since the end of the 18th century for its antiseptic and anti-oxidant properties. This food additive revolutionized wine production by protecting it from oxidation and fermentation drifts.

Yet, one of any good craftsman’s obsessions is to achieve the purest possible type of product.

The answer is the 116 cuvée—a pun combining 100 as in “SANS” (without), and 16 as in sulfur’s classification in Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of elements.




3,5 hectares
Grape varieties
100% Merlot
Service temperature : 17 / 18 °C
Decant 1 to 2 hours before serving
The wine is not treated, deposit is natural
Meat : Beef, duck, lamb, game with mushrooms
Cheeses: Cheddar, comté, ewe, camembert
Yield : between 40 and 55 hl/ha
Sorting grapes on the vine
Traditional vinification in thermo-regulated vats
Bottling at the property