Esprit de Violette

Haute Valeur environnementale

Moulis AOC – Bordeaux – France

Esprit de Violette is the result of a plot selection based on yield (maximum 50 hl per ha), terroir, the vineyard’s quality, and the grapes’ sugar content.

Esprit de Violette is close to Château Violette, whose name it borrows—in terms both of geography and of flavours. Esprit de Violette is a typical Moulis wine for its suave structure and soft tannins, yet it is also modern for its roundness, its fruitiness, and its uncomplicated taste.

Certified HVE3 as of the 2019 vintage.

2019 VINTAGE : Bronze Paris 2022
2018 VINTAGE : Gold Féminalises 2022
2016 VINTAGE : Silver Lyon 2020


Gravel and clay-limestone


5 hectares
Grape varieties
60 % Merlot
40 % Cabernet Sauvignon
Serving temperature : 17 / 18 °C
Decant 1 to 2 hours before serving
The wine is not treated, deposit is natural
Meat : Beef, duck and game
Cheeses : Cheddar, comté, ewe, camembert
Yield : Between 40 and 50 hl/ha
Sorting grapes on the vine
Traditional vinification in thermo-regulated vats
Bottling at the property