Our values :

A cooperative winery draws its strength from its origins, and those are over a century old :


The values of solidarity, equity, trust, and democracy have, on the one hand, made it possible for small family properties to continue to exist thanks to cooperatives; while, on the other hand, our association makes it possible to clear more technological, human, and financial resources for purposes of quality, authenticity, and respect for the diversity of terroirs.

Today, cooperative wine cellars represent 50% of all French wine production,and are reputed for the quality and consistency of their wines.

This has been made possible by finding the right balance between using cutting-edge techniques and respecting the traditional methods of vinification and ageing.

Founded in 2004, UCM is a group of producers that represents cooperative wineries and independent winemakers.

As a major player in the region, we thus represent close to 500 hectares that cover a wide range of Bordeaux AOCs, including almost all of those located on the left bank of the Garonne, to a clientele of French and foreign professionals.

Our range includes about 50 brands and châteaux, Grand Cru Classé, Crus Bourgeois, AB and HVE3 labeled wines, which amounts to nearly 4,000,000 bottles.


Didier Carrere
Pierre Chenin
Didier Faugeroles
Sylvie Rainaud
Dominique Bordeau
Didier Carrere
President of the Vignerons Associés
Pierre Chenin
Director of Vignerons Associés
Didier Faugerolle
President of the Cave St Brice
Sylvie Rainaud President of Cave La Rose Pauillac
Dominique Bordeau
President of Cave La Paroisse

What we offer our customers :

  • Facilitating requests for information and order tracking via one
    preferred intermediary only.
  • The flexibility and speed of a human-sized structure
  • A single pick-up point for more efficient logistics, the possibility of mixing different wines together, and a solid knowledge of what the different markets require
  • Simplified order management thanks to a single invoice system
  • The efficiency of a local network, with no go-betweens
  • Control of the entire chain, from production to marketing
  • Stability through prices : limited fluctuation and good product monitoring, vintage after vintage
  • New products on a regular basis