Saint Brice


Saint-Brice is the oldest cuvée from the cellar created in 1934. It comes from vineyards planted on the towns of Saint-Yzans, Saint-Christoly, Couquèques, Blaignan and Ordonnac.

The Saint-Brice has been renowned for decades among the local clientele, which is a token of its authenticity and quality.

Merlot, which is the grape planted in the largest proportion in this part of Médoc, produces powerful and structured wines, with a slightly spicy flavour—while Cabernet Sauvignon will produce taut and very fresh wine.


Garonne gravel and clay-limestone


20 hectares
Grape varieties
70 % Merlot
30 % Cabernet Sauvignon
Serving temperature : 17 / 18 °C
Decant 1 to 2 hours before serving
The wine is not treated, deposit is natural
Red meats and game in its youth, dishes in sauce and old gouda when it evolves
Yield : between 40 and 50 hl/ha
Sorting grapes on the vine
Traditional vinification in thermo-regulated vats
Aged for 18 months in vats
Light gluing and loosely filtered to preserve all the organoleptic qualities
A slight natural deposit may form and doesn't alter the gustatory qualities of the wine
Bottling at the property